Reata Funding LLC's strong commitment to excellence means to you, our valued client, the very best in customer service, maximum dollar value for your cash flow income stream, and assurance that we operate our company with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and sound business ethics.



Residential Notes - Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, or Land Contracts that are created by the sale of:

  • Residential Properties
  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • 1-4 Family Units

Commercial Notes - Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, or Land Contracts that are created by the sale of any type of commercial property:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Apartment (more than 1-4 family units)
  • Industrial

Vacant Land Notes - Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, or Land Contracts that are created by the sale of any:

  • Developed Land
  • Undeveloped Land
  • Land not designated as a specific use property such as farm land or waste storage.

*This category does not include land that has been improved for development and building.

Today, owner financing has become an established and accepted practice in real estate. And because of the private mortgage industry, owner financing is an even more attractive option that it once was in the past.

Sell all or only a portion of your privately held note.

You may even sell future payments today while still receiving current payments.

We can facilitate the sale of existing private mortgage notes, portfolios of residential or commercial mortgage notes, or can arrange point of sale funding, also called table funding or simultaneous closing.


What are the benefits of factoring?

  • Factoring stimulates cash flow.
  • Factoring relies on the strength of a business's customers.
  • Factoring is accessible.
  • Factoring gets quick results.
  • Factoring is flexible.

In many situations, factoring is more appropriate than bank financing, because factoring:

  • Is based only on the accounts receivable. A client's ability to raise cash by factoring is based on the total accounts receivable, rather than on traditional measures of financial strength and stability.
  • Provides continuing cash flow without the requirement of periodic payments or interim payoffs. New sales continuously create new power to obtain cash, and the business does not have to deal with renewal of loans or worry about maturity dates.
  • Gives a business increased access to cash as sales and receivables increase. There is no ceiling beyond which the factor must stop providing cash. The more sales a business makes, the more cash it can draw. The factor does not concentrate on the business debt/equity ratio to provide funds, as banks do.
  • Offers a dependable, continuing source of cash without the necessity of making separate loan applications.
  • Avoids the necessity of obtaining funds from venture capitalists, who receive an interest in the business and generally have a say in how the business is run.
  • Saves the business owner precious time waiting for a loan board to grant or deny his or her loan. Loan boards' decisions are influenced by many considerations, and the outcome is often unpredictable. With factoring, periodic delays and negotiations are eliminated, allowing the business owner time to do what he or she does best; run the business.


All businesses, regardless of industry, have a need for equipment. Reata Funding LLC facilitates equipment leasing for all types & sizes of transactions nationwide. Whether it is a lease for a small computer system up to a large multi-million dollar manufacturing system, we have the resources to get the job done right.

Equipment leasing will enable minimum up front costs and capital retention, allow faster approval and ease of financing compared to banks, allow tax savings & benefits, and allow overall increased flexibility.



Does your dealership provide in-house financing to your sub-prime customers? If so, do you have seasoned auto loan portfolios that you would be interested in selling to us to raise cash for your operations?

We are seeking to purchase auto contract portfolios of $200,000 and higher where the payments have been collected for at least 3 months and where the contracts are not more than one payment past due. The price paid will vary based on many factors such as the age of the contracts (seasoning of 3+ months required), the quality of the contracts, the interest rate, the payment mode (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments) the value of the vehicle in relation to the loan balance, the underwriting criteria, and the consistency of the underwriting as well as many other factors. Our funding sources look to yield in the range of 18% - 20% on the funds they invest. The price range for monthly payment contracts is 70% - 85% of the remaining principal balance while the price range is 60% to 75% for weekly and bi-weekly payment contracts.

Other products that we offer auto dealers and auto finance companies that do in house financing are auto receivables revolving lines of credit and auto floorplan revolving lines of credit. The minimum auto receivables line considered is $5M with a minimum draw of $3M at closing, which then leaves a net line available for up to 3 years at $2M. Auto floorplan lines available are as small as $50,000 and can be over $1M for qualified dealers.

Please contact us today for assistance on this niche funding program. 


Reata Funding LLC is aligned with investors who purchase business notes nationwide. For clients seeking to purchase businesses via a private seller carry back note, Reata Funding LLC can help facilitate the purchase and assist the seller in either cashing out of their note in a lump sum payment or purchasing partial payments.



Reata Funding LLC facilitates the sale of structured settlements; ex. annuities. If you are in need of cash, our investors will purchase your annuity either on a full or partial buyout.

For plaintiffs seeking capital advances from their litigation settlements, Reata Funding LLC is able to facilitate funding through specialized sources that will fund now vrs. later.

Please contact us today for more details on these niche programs.